Solar Tubular Battery
Solar tubular batteries are being the most critical component of any SPV system in view of cyclic availability of the sun in 24h domain and the intermittent nature of available radiation. Solar Tubular Batteries are known for their heat sealed finish and thus vanishing any chances of leakages. Known for their low maintenance, corrosion resistance, longer service life and trouble free operations this range is designed by our technicians at in strict compliance with the set standards and guidelines. These Solar Tubular Batteries are widely known for their durability and quality. Our Solar battery ranges from 15Ah to 240Ah.

Features of Solar Tubular Battery
High Pressure die-cast positive plate is used to delay corrosion to extend life. Low antimony selenium lead alloy is used to minimize water consumption High porosity glass and fiber is used to avoid cell short circuit Heat sealed PPCP tower gives extra large acid volume Heavy duty L shape double hole terminal is used to avoid in-service expenditure Double nylon rope is used for safety handling PVC terminal shrouding cap is used for electrical safety Ceramic vent plug is used to arrest acid fumes and reduce topping up Water topping up frequency is done once in 6 months Its life expectancy is more than 3 yrs Factory charged and wet shipped is an assured performance
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