Using Play for Growing Smart Children:
Playing is important to children. It is the way they practice growing up. Toys are the tools children use in play.
Toys can be categorized by the stimulation and development appropriate to each age group.

Toys can also be categorized according to the area of development that it stimulates. However, many toys can be used to develop multiple areas of development; for example, a doll can be used for social development. Here are examples of toys and the key domain of development that they stimulate:

  • Toys for physical or muscle development
  • Toys for sensory development
  • Toys for make-believe and social development
  • Toys for creative and intellectual development

Importance of educational toys Children should be in an environment that enhances creativity and allows for healthy physical and mental development. Children need to have direct experience with the world in order to make sense of and learn about it. Toys can help children learn how to talk and to increase mobility. Toys can help children learn what things are and how they work. Through play and toys, children learn about people and the world.

The following are the types of Play toys for children