What is Sanitation: Sanitation can be defined as the safe disposal of human excreta and associate hygiene promotion. Sanitation so described is important as it separates humans from excreta. A safe toilet accompanied by hand washing with soap, provides an effective barrier to transmission of diseases.

Having access to sanitation is a basic human right, yet most of the India’s population suffer on a daily basis from a lack of access to a clean and functioning toilet. Without toilets, untreated human waste can impact a whole community, affecting many aspects of daily life and ultimately posing a serious risk to health. Keep this in mind our company design and develop a low cost toilet which is suitable for rural area with the following features.


  • Elegant and smooth interior.
  • Fully folded, lightweight, easy to carry FRP toilet for single person.
  • The whole system can be assembled within 2 hours using normal tools by any plumber.
  • The whole system made by water proof FRP panels.
  • Easy to clean, flushing/outlet system with overheads water tank of 200 litres capacity requires no maintenance.
  • Provided ventilation, louvers for fresh air.
  • No extra foundation required.
  • Smart Looking.
  • Also available without overhead tank.
  • Also available with automatic solar light system.
  • Structure warranty for two year against any damage in normal condition, there is no warranty against fire accident.
  • Also available with bio-digester tank.

Dimensions for single toilet

Length: 900 mm

Width: 825 mm

Height: 2400 mm

Height without water tank: 2100 mm

We also design the multiple cabin toilets and urinals as per the customer requirements.