It is very important for kids have a complete solar energy education. These kits will help your child have an exciting time developing their knowledge with self-oriented science experiments. They can learn many new things with the help of these solar educational kits. The Solar Educational kits will assist the young minds to learn to connect a solar electrical circuit, how to supply the current and also how to make solar power charge a battery, calculator, radio and more. The kits can be used at science fairs, projects, classroom demo as well as at home. We have different types of solar energy experiment kits for School kids some of them are

Converting solar energy into 3 forms (light energy, sound energy and electrical to mechanical energy Kit).

The kit will help you to convert solar energy into other form of energy. In this kit, the solar energy will be converted into three different forms of energy. You can show solar energy converted to light energy by glowing LED. By connecting solar panel to a small Buzzer, you can show how sound energy can be produced. Finally, when you connect solar panel to electrical motor, you can show how solar energy can be converted to electrical energy to drive a motor. You have to place this model under the sun light or use 100 W bulb to get the results.

Solar-Wind mill Hybrid Generator.

This project shows how solar and wind mill energy combined and utilized. In this project a DC motor is used to generate electricity. That means if we rotate shaft of the motor by hand, the armature will spin between magnetic poles inside the motor. This will produce electricity and LED will glow. The motor is fitted with a small fan. We can rotate this either by using bigger pulley or simply blow air on it and rotate it.

 Electricity from flowing water Kit.

Hydro power (Hydro means water) is energy that comes from the force of moving water. The fall and movement of water is part of a continuous natural cycle called the water cycle. Hydro power is called a renewable and clean energy source because the water on earth is continuously replenished by precipitation. As long as the water cycle continues, we would not run out of this energy source.

Solar Water Pumping Kit.

This project kit consists of solar cell, DC motor and small water tub. When you place DC motor into water tub and solar panel under the sun, then the DC motor start and pumping the water outside. This type of application we can use in domestic, industrial and agricultural water pumping system.

Also we have so many renewable energy experiment kits. We will design the kits as per the your requirements.