Solar Photo-Voltaic Water Pumping System

Agricultural technology is changing rapidly. Farm machinery, farm building and production facilities are constantly being improved. Agricultural applications suitable for photovoltaic (PV) solutions are numerous. A PV solution is the best solution for remote agricultural need such as water pumping for crops or livestock.

A solar powered water pumping system is made up of two basic components. These are PV panels and pumps. The smallest element of a PV panel is the solar cell that produces direct current (DC) electricity when exposed to light. This DC current is then supplied either to a DC pump, which in turn pumps water whenever the sun shines, or stored in batteries for later use by the pump.

Water pumping is one of the simplest and most appropriate uses for photovoltaic. From crop irrigation to stock watering to domestic uses, photovoltaic-powered pumping systems meet a broad range of water needs. Most of these systems have the added advantage of storing water for use when the sun is not shining, eliminating the need for batteries, enhancing simplicity and reducing overall system costs. Many people considering installing a solar water pumping system are put off by the expense. Viewing the expense over a period of 10 years, however, gives a better idea of the actual cost. By comparing installation costs (including labour), fuel costs, and maintenance costs over 10 years, you may find that solar is an economical choice.


Solar PV Water Pumping System can be used in a wide range of applications such as

HOMES                                                           DAIRIES

INDUSTRIES                                                 AIRPORTS

AGRICULTURE                                          SCHOOLS

HOTELS                                                         HOSPITALS

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