Smart Villages is a relatively new concept. It will ensure good education, better
infrastructure, proper sanitation facility, health facilities, waste management,
renewable energy, environment protection, clean drinking water, resource use
efficiency etc. The emerging concept of Smart Villages refers to rural areas and
communities which build on their existing strengths and assets as well as on
developing new opportunities. In Smart Villages traditional and new networks
and services are enhanced by means of digital, telecommunication, internet
technologies, innovations and the better use of knowledge, for the benefit of
inhabitants and businesses. Digital technologies and innovations may support
quality of life, higher standard of living, public services for citizens, better use
of resources, less impact on the environment, and new opportunities for rural
value chains in terms of products and improved processes.

Services Required for the Smart Village:
Solar LED Street Lighting and Solar Home Lighting Systems.
Development of Health Centres, Roads and school labs and kids play
Efficient public transportation Systems.
Use of renewable energy.
Safe Drinking Water Facility- RO Water Plants.
Solid and liquid waste management.
Improving sanitation conditions.