The Solar division has two parts which are photo voltaic and Thermal. Photovoltaic part supplies the Power Conditioning Units at various capacities, Solar Power Packs, Solar Home Lighting, Solar Street Lighting, Solar traffic Control products, Solar Agriculture water pumping and Solar Power Fencing.

The Thermal part supplies the various types of Solar water heaters which ranges from readymade 100, 200, 300, 500 liters and custom made higher capacity models for specific applications such as hotels and community living apartments.

For supporting the existing customers, the solar home UPS, online UPS, Solar street lights, Solar power packs, Solar water heaters, Solar fence, Solar RO Water Plants, Solar water pumps and Solar traffic control products  supplying and services are continued and retrofit and or upgrading solutions are provided with Solar PV supporting systems.

We undertake the services of following turnkey solar projects: Planning, designing, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

  • Solar Power Plants- Ground Mounted and Roof Mounted
  • Solar Street Lights- Conventional and All in One
  • Solar Water Heaters- FPC and ETC
  • Solar PV RO Water Plants
  • Solar Powered Toilets
  • Solar Power Fencing
  • Solar Power Packs