Solar Traffic Control Products

Solar traffic light is the new technology providing a reliable, inexpensive, affordable and environmentally friendly source for modern traffic management systems. These traffic lights will also to help reduce electric energy usage. With no trenching, wiring or electrical work required, solar powered traffic lights are perfect for road safety and traffic control applications. A solar panel which is located on the top of the pole converts sunlight into electrical power. A solar charger regulates the power coming out of the solar panel. The regulated power obtained is used to charge a battery. During daytime, the traffic lights can use power direct from solar panel. At the same time, the battery can be charge for using at night. Lighting is produced by arrays of extra bright LEDs that are much brighter than bulbs. LED last for years and is very energy efficient. LEDs are small, but it can produce a significant amount of light. Solar powered traffic lights and solar traffic signs are becoming more and more widespread around the world because they are portable, easily deployable, energy efficient, good for the environment and require minimum maintenance. One of the biggest problems in developing countries is power outages. An obvious advantage of solar traffic lights is that they will continue working as their main purpose is to keep traffic flowing even during power cuts.

Solar Traffic Blinkers

Solar traffic Blinker Solar traffic blinker saves lives, environment and improves traffic security. They have many uses. These solar traffic blinkers are designed for ultimate visibility so that seeing them is never an issue your safety matters to us. We AMB technologies engaged into manufacturing of high quality solar traffic blinkers. Solar power: 30W. Storage battery: 26Ah. Light source: 125-260 LEDs. Standard diameter 300 mm (other upon request). Working: all day and night. Flash 50-70 times/min (or customized). Continuous cloudy/rainy days: 7-10 days. Resistance against water, humidity, salt and fungus. Visibility: >1000 m. Standard color: Amber (other optional). Long working hours with trouble free. Easy installation and maintenance free. Easy operation and excellent performance. No external power is required for the operation. Cabinet: P65.